New Katahdin Twin Lambs

We had two new additions to the flock on Tuesday, March 25.  Our ewe named "Shaggy" lambed for the first time and is now the proud momma of two beautiful lambs. Photos and a short video clip are below.  The black one is a ram lamb, and he doesn't have a white hair on him; ask about reserving him now, as he will be for sale after weaning.  The brown and cream one is a ewe lamb, and our first this season with the brown coloring.  Our lambing season is almost over now, with only one ewe left to lamb, another first timer, and she is looking like she will lamb any day now.  Our ewes lambing rate is 175% so far, we've only had two singles and they were to first time moms.  Knock on wood, all the ewes lambed by themselves and we've had no lambing problems.

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