HillBillly's Katahdins

Northeast Florida Katahdins

HillBilly's Katahdins is a family owned Katahdin sheep farm located in Jacksonville in Northeast Florida.  We have a small flock of about 40 breeding Katahdin ewes and use five (5), or more, flock sires.  We are members of Katahdin Hair Sheep International (KHSI), and our KHSI farm prefix is HBK.  We have registered rams, ewes, ram lambs, and ewe lambs, as well as 50% and 75% registered lambs, and full-blood commercial (not registered) ewes. The pick of this year's Katahdin lamb crop will be registered or recorded with KHSI.

Pasture Raised

Our Katahdins are raised on pasture and they are given lots of love. We firmly believe that all of God's creatures should be treated with love and kindness and that they should be raised as naturally as possible. We will only worm our flock or use antibiotics if absolutely necessary. We do vaccinate the ewes prior to lambing and the lambs at approximately 5 weeks and again at 8-9 weeks with CDT which provides protection from clostridium perfringins type C and D (overeating disease) and clostridium tetani (tetanus).

185% Lambing Rate

We are very happy with our Katahdins. They are excellent mothers who lamb easily and have plenty of milk. Our ewes are averaging 1.85 lambs each, even with our first-time yearling mothers included in the average. Our rams come when they are called and the ewes will follow me anywhere.

If you are looking for an agricultural business to qualify for an Agricultural Exemption in Florida, then Katahdin sheep may be just what you are looking for. Our Katahdins have been very easy to care for, unlike the cattle and other livestock that we used to raise.

Why raise Katahdin Sheep?

  • They are easy to care for
  • They are not destructive
  • They do not have horns (polled)
  • They are hair sheep and do not require shearing, as they shed naturally
  • They are a meat sheep with a mild flavor
  • They grow quickly with ewes averaging 120 pounds and breeding rams up to 200 pounds by one year
  • They mature quickly and are ewes able to breed around eight months, rams can breed as early as 3 months 
  • They have low maintenance costs. If you have good pasture, they only need supplementation before and after lambing and good quality hay when pasture dies.
  • They are excellent weed eaters and often choose weeds over grass

We hope you will visit our Katahdin blog, look at our Katahdin Rams Pedigrees and consider purchasing some of our current Katahdins for sale.

If you would like more information about our Katahdins, please send us an email using our contact form.

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The HillBilly's Katahdins team